Jerky Lovers Snack Box


Meat-based snacks is one of the most popular snacks available on the market (which surprises a lot of people).

Jerky, biltong and meat sticks, not only taste great but are really high in protein and often low in calories. Snack Proud has created and sourced very high-quality, lean jerky and meat sticks that are made from grass-fed beef and pork. Each snack is soft and enjoyable to eat.

This is a big step up from your typical convenience store jerky that is hard and tough on the jaw because it's coated in sugary marinades. Each beef snack in Snack Proud’s Jerky Lovers Box is marinaded in natural herbs and spices and free from preservatives

What is included

3 x Biltong Bites, Peri Peri Jerky, 30g.
3 x Biltong Bites, Teriyaki Jerky, 30g.
3 x Biltong Bites, Original Jerky, 30g.
2 x Kooee Free-Range Beef Sticks, 25g
2 x Kooee Free-Range Pork Sticks, 25g

All gluten-free and nut-free

Biltong contains an average of 15g of protein per pack.

Delivery Information

Snack Proud is located in Sydney.

Standard delivery within the Sydney Metro area typically takes 2-4 days. Express delivery is 1-2 days.

For major metro cities in other states, delivery usually ranges from 2-5 days.

Rural areas (NT, WA, TAS) may experience delivery times between 7-15 days, varying by location.

Deliveries to New Zealand typically take 10-20 days, depending on the state and customs release.

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